Drawing out the Dragons

Yeah yeah I used the title for a book written by James A. Owen. It’s a part of his meditation series that I’ve been reading and frankly, its been incredibly inspiring. Literally its all about to do with the choices you make to get to where you want to go. And this year I’m going to be reflecting on choices and making my own to get me further along in my journey.

So I started this blog because I write. Prose, poetry, scripts. And I like having my raw unfinished files to myself but sometimes if I find them powerful enough or even polished enough I want to post here. I also rant a lot. ALOT. My friends know this and god bless them for putting up with me.

But yeah. I’m going to give this a shot because I constantly write. CONSTANTLY. Whether its good writing or not I still write, and I’m just kind of sick of keeping some of my brilliant goodies to myself. (Well at least I think they are brilliant I haven’t gotten a nice general consensus yet).

For instance. today I wrote a piece entitled, If I Knew Then What I Know Now and funnily enough it was sparked from an assignment for a Psychology course I’m taking. Literally that is the title of the writing assignment. Or at least one of the prompts for it.

I am going to draw out my dragons, figuratively. Because they are brooding, and need to not be kept in such confined quarters. (Sorry my darlings). And who knows  I may decide to actually draw them. My drawing skills are not the greatest, but hey if I ever need to draw out a costume design I can do it.

This year, after getting through the psychotic craziness that was tech week at the theater, I plan on writing so much more. I might actually write a script or even get my novel done.

Until next time. TTFN. Ta Ta For Now.

~ The Brooding Dragon


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