Update On My Life

Hello again.

It has been a week or so since my last entry and I am incredibly sorry for such a long delay. Life has been crazy.

In my last entry I mentioned…or at least I think I mentioned that we had a death in the family.

My dearly departed and sassy ass grandma. May she rest in peace with the good lord above in heaven.

And of course I am sure my grandfather rejoiced when she walked up to those pearly gates. He probably then smacked her firmly on the ass and said “Hey Toots”. That was the kind of relationship they had. Playful, joyful, hardworking, and caring.

Great model for my parents as well as for myself and my sister.

The funeral was on Wednesday and I forgot how long and ritualistic a catholic service was. Okay technically it was two services, one for a rosary meditation type thing, and the actual memorial service where there were hymns prayers and communion.


So I’ve been dealing with the loss and grief from that.

I also started the two classes I will be taking for the next thirteen to fourteen weeks which requires me to take a three hour trek up on Monday morning and then back down on Wednesday afternoon which isn’t so bad. At least  I’m not driving to LA and back every weekend.

Plus I also work at the Arizona Renaissance Festival and I have been sewing madly to get my costume (or at least most of it) done. I have a few minor alterations to make but that won’t be too much trouble. It will get done.

Plus I’ve been dealing with Anxiety and that is no fun at all. It’s been pretty low key but I’m working through it and telling it “Fuck you you can’t take over”.

But yeah that is a brief overview of why I’ve been gone.

~The Brooding Dragon


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