I’ve Been Thinking…

Scary I know, a woman thinking in this day and age? How repulsive! She must be a witch!

Certainly feels like it considering who the idiot in office is. Ugh.

Also if you couldn’t tell…that opening statement was sarcasm. Just to make it clear because I know someone out there will think I’m serious and give me full on grief for it.

But I digress.

I’ve been thinking about my novel and my characters in said novel and how they are still stuck in limbo because I have NO IDEA what to do or where to go or how to get from point A to point B. I feel a part of that problem is world building. I haven’t quite built my world for these characters yet. Mostly because I haven’t done the research for it. This world I want to build…I don’t want it to encompass just the western part of civilization. Don’t get me wrong its gorgeous but not nearly as intriguing as literally EVERYWHERE ELSE.

I have my fantasy races involved, humans, who muck up everything, elves: wood, high, and dark, orcs, halfbreeds, lycans, and dragonpeople which I’ve called Dragonkynn. I’m working on a better name for that I swear.

And if the story calls for it dwarves will be added.

I’m working on my set of gods. I have six in total so far, four of whom are nameless and two who are brothers. They are basically the good and evil of the pantheon and I’m still working on their entire story.

I have characters, hopefully diverse enough to where I’m not stereotyping them. Because lets face it I want to break stereotypes. And that is fucking hard. Like, for example, orcs. Typically we see these orcs as brutish and unruly and sometimes uneducated. I want to see orcs being intellectuals and still be able to competently fight. Because of their intellect they survive more in battle because they have a plan for everything.

(Disclaimer: no actual race in this huge project is totally evil, there are sectors that are good and sectors that are evil because THAT IS HOW THE FUCKING WORLD WORKS. Yes there will be rivalries between races of course. But it gives complexity and reflects on the real world.)

And that is literally it. I have no name or map or regions of where people live, customs, clothing, politics, or anything that makes a world a world with culture.

So I’m stuck. Very very stuck.

I just needed to get that off of my chest.

~ The Brooding Dragon


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