The Sick

I think…I have the preFaire plague…a week before faire opens…and the week of dress rehearsal…fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk………

I need a doctor…

Okay it’s not that bad, its just a horrendous cough, unbearable congestion and aches that make it hard to move. I’m fine I’m totally fine.

No. No its not fine. I’m not fine.

I absolutely hate being sick because my productivity tanks like below sea level and my attention span is incredibly limited. Which is bad considering I have to somewhat pay attention to pass a class this semester. But its so hard when the class is terribly boring and the professor is just not at all engaging and I have a hard time retaining the information.

Plus I just want to sleep but I can’t breath well because of the congestion and I’m coughing at least every five minutes and it just tears up my throat and hurts my chest…

I just needed to whine. Maybe if I have the energy I can write a poem on it…

~ The Brooding Dragon


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