I have had a creative breakthrough!

This happen to me while I was copying notes from powerpoints in class but lordy lord I am thrilled!

I have book titles and I have endings for said books! Like no joke!

Of course I’m not going o release them until I ACTUALLY have them written and fleshed out. But I have a starting point! And Dear god this excites me so so much!

I still have a lot of world building to do and a lot of detail work to work on. Hell I might even give brief character summaries here of the players in this fucked up world I’m creating. And with everything going on in the politics and extremist world right now I have SOOOO much fodder to work with on how I want to structure everything. Plus it gives me a chance to research folklore, mythology, and history of multiple cultures.

This thrills me, truly!

I will tell you though…this story I’m concocting is going to be a trilogy. And perhaps I’ll have a collection of novellas to give more background and stories to the characters. But I think those will be released after I get these books done.

I have a big vision for this and I am thrilled. So thrilled that I am doing a happy dance.


~ The Brooding Dragon


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