AZRF Weeks 4 and 5

So Week four was kind of a bust. I didn’t get many highlights from it because I felt so weird and so off that I did not want to remember it. But there was some good and some lovely moments that came out of it. My personal favorite was an inside joke that happened with two of the cast members.

So to give a little background on these guys. They are known as the Heralds of MyeBum, Mashie and Niblek (not their real names just the character names), a father son duo who are so much fun to interact with and to watch. Their word play is absolutely wonderful and they are two of the most delightful humans to hang out with.

So I’m up on the dias (the nice big platform above the gates) with the boys and Mashie (the father) and I see this man wearing a shirt that says S. W. A. G. which stood for Someone Who Admires God. Mashie and I see this and were both like “okay cool bro that’s awesome displaying your faith and not being an asshole about it good for you” but poor precious little Niblek. He did not see the D until it was too late. This precious little eighteen year old boy thought that the shirt said Someone Who Admires Goo.

Yes. He thought this. The poor kid looked so confused. And he told the both of us out loud while we are standing on the dias. His tone was so pure, innocent, and genuine that I about died of laughter. His dad of course got a good kick out of it too.

And it didn’t end there, like he followed this up with question of what kind of goo were they talking about and I’m certain you can imagine where it went from there. Of course I am still cracking up loudly on the dias and I’m pretty certain patrons were wondering what was so funny that I was laughing so hard.

And in commemoration of that moment he is getting a custom made bonepin that says: “S.W.A.G. Someone Who Admires Goo.”

Good job Niblek. You have earned it.

This moment was also followed up by him and his dad freaking out while watching Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with us and of course I had to give my stellar commentary. Because I could.

Weekend five was time travelers weekend. And it was hot like dear god it was hot. Yes I say hot and I survive triple digit temperatures in the summer. This is also because we’re in a dry dusty desert in multiple layers of clothing. Alot of people went down this weekend because of the heat.

I was almost one of those people. I had to step offstage to lay down in the entertainment office for a good half hour before I could go back out to entertain the masses. There was Air Conditioning in there and lord knew I needed it.

But many new bits came about this weekend. Which was good! I started leaving my mark on cast and patrons alike (that mark being a lipstick kiss upon people) its temporary that’s for certain but ’tis much much fun.

We had a lovely potluck this weekend with alot of good food.

And surprisingly enough a cast member who had given me a hard time apologized to me, sincerely. It was something I hadn’t expected but you know sometimes unexpected things are pretty amazing. Hopefully, just hopefully, he might not be such an arrogant doucheweenie. I’ll give him a second chance but I will still be wary around him.

I would have more but mother nature has decided that I must suffer for deciding not to add to the overpopulation of the world.

~ The Brooding Dragon




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