Returning? Or No?

I will admit. I’m the worst when it comes to updating a blog and I really should start again. But I’m here. I’m Alive. And I’m still struggling with so many of the thoughts that I’ve had. It’s getting to the point where they happen and then they leave but that unsettling feeling still remains.

But I wrote a two act play literally based off of banter a friend of mine and I had backstage. I have made final edits to act one before the first read but I have so so much research and rewriting to do for act two. But the person who eviscerated my draft really enjoyed it overall! So that is a good thing! That is a thing that is happening.

I’m going to therapy. Its helping more tan I thought it would, and I’m trying my damndest to get involved in as many shows as I can. Plus I’m dabbling in voice acting. Getting a demo together is difficult but I think I can do it. Plus I have friends who want to do covers and start podcasts with me. We just have to find the content for it. Which shouldn’t be hard.

But that is a brief update of my life. I’m…getting better it seems but the anxiety and depression and the existential thoughts are still there but I am trying my hardest to get better so I can enjoy my life more.

Thought I will say…finding a second job is becoming increasingly difficult.

I’m going to try to write more and post more here. I’ve got so many ideas for this world I’ve created in my head. So many characters and so many things…I need to write it all out.


~ The Brooding Dragon


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